The picture is ground press week of outstanding Dai Yan ” celestial being clever world ” the whole world is fair measure now open

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The picture is ground pressure, acting character of affection of Zhou Jie bend! Century day becomes a representative ” celestial being clever world ” now 11 when global synchronism is fair measure! The player can install Appstore of eminent channel, apple to download game greatly through each, the 3D round that begins a paragraph to belong to his truly makes hand You Ji’s clever stay away from home! The door of 3 bounds has been opened, let us now together the world of place oneself Yu Xianling, savour a bout to make a hand swim the truest one side!

This ” celestial being clever world ” global synchronism is fair measure, invite inland designedly acting character of Zhou Jie of notable performance artist. Well-known, zhou Jie is given act ” return Zhugege ” , ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” medium part figure widely known, kept graven memory to generation person! His masterly acting, vivid feeling reveals dwell upon with great relish letting a person. Also be in with respect to him Lian Zhoujie ” celestial being clever world ” in play extremely. Acting character of this Zhou Jie ” celestial being clever world ” the surprise that is sure to bring us unexpected! At the moment you, can you defy the joy such as this how again?

” celestial being clever world ” have complete 3D to dazzle not only beautiful picture still has outstanding game quality, the player can play to include in game: Xiu Lian, PK, upgrade, nurturance, dress up, make friend, marry, carbon, make, run the magnanimity such as business plays a way!

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