” dragon battle Yu Ye ” the line on An Zhuo rolled out allusion to store level on May 25 Huang Zhong is statuary

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1 million city, wait for your brandish arms to assault! Lineal the Three Kingdoms is instant below banner of amusement of the each other that build Ya strategic hand swims ” Long Zhan Yu Ye ” be about to log onto An Zhuoping stage at this Zhou Sanzheng type, meanwhile, ” dragon battle Yu Ye ” hand in hand compatriots achieves model of brand atelier Qingzhu formerly, roll out a the Three Kingdoms 5 tigers admiral is statuary, should download only ” dragon battle Yu Ye ” the player all has an opportunity to obtain. Have package of huge game ceremony more, be about to wear on the shock, what are you still waiting for?

Amusement of the each other that build Ya is dedicated to rolling out one paragraph pole to use up true can convey history of the Three Kingdoms completely the game that come out, on May 25, ” dragon battle Yu Ye ” the line on An Zhuozheng type. Meanwhile, ” dragon battle Yu Ye ” the Three Kingdoms in wanting to collect our heart through game not only, in the meantime, the Three Kingdoms that rolls out a worth while and all the Three Kingdoms to confuse collect carefully 5 tigers admiral is statuary (complete country wind, complete reductive and classical) . The player can obtain allusion of the Three Kingdoms to hide fierce to run the hand through two kinds of forms, the first: Download ” dragon battle Yu Ye ” , the lottery inside game is obtained; The 2nd: Attention ” dragon battle Yu Ye ” be about to go up the Beijing of the line east numerous plan an activity, through numerous chip obtain. In addition, ” dragon battle Yu Ye ” still prepared tens of planting for the player bag of ceremony of novice VIP prerogative, be about to go up frame, everybody advocate fair remember getting!

” dragon battle Yu Ye ” in, what the player needs to manage his is feudal, government affairs of mouth of adult of development economy, enlarge, processing, group founds an army ally of team, associate with, in the meantime, ” dragon battle Yu Ye ” have exceed big SLG map, 3 communal cities were held above (Ye, Chengdu, build line of business) and greatly small 53 city, reproduced times of the Three Kingdoms the geographical scene of true border on! The player is in feudal in the army of training, can help a player assault in arrange of upside of map of the world other city. Also can assault each other between the player, take more city, the great plan that develops oneself bully course of study!

1000 more than 300 hypostatic carbon, classic battle, the chaos from Huang Jin arrives vassal denounce direct, the battle that crosses from the official goes to Chibi of baked wheaten cake, emersion the time that that extensive great, warm blood, hero comes forth in large numbers. The player is experienced with one enemy the war experience of type of numerous, mow, perspective of 360 degrees of battles, wander adventure between classic battle, experience stimulates the operation pleasure of bright. Biographies of the Kingdom of Wei, Sichuan, Wu Sanguo, tens of classical fierce will become famous your challenge such as battle.

Involve a patience cut 6 will, zhang Fei is drunk withdraw soldier of 1 million Cao, xia Hou unplugs the arrow eats a famous general of classical the Three Kingdoms, help your unify the whole country. The Kingdom of Wei, Sichuan, , a large number of heroes force of 4 general trends, defend nearly, fierce will, celestial being law, hero, god is shot wait for professional mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements, player strategy embattle, obtain with the triumphal pleasure of enemy of take by strategy.

” dragon battle Yu Ye ” combinative 3D engine and dynamic particle apply colours to a drawing the effect, the picture has strong expressional pulling force. Carbon battle carries the expressional kind of movie scene, the player gives violent aesthetic feeling in ceaseless flash. Most important is, the player can pass slip screen, free inside full screen limits choice releases a place, show which are hit!

This summer, of the battle hormonal had ignited, lineal the Three Kingdoms is instant strategic hand swims ” Long Zhan Yu Ye ” , we expected your affiliation on May 25!

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