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Article introduction

Vitamin B6 is a kind of very important vitamin, can have crucial effect to female health, if lack vitamin B6, in lactation the likelihood brings about milk too little, cannot satisfy the child’s appetite, the vitamin B6 that accordingly we should fill to be measured quite amply between food. Vitamin B6 is inside the body cannot complex, can pass food to absorb only. So, how much does vitamin B6 answer a grandma to should eat?

 6 times the grandma eats the vitamin how many

One, vitaminForum of Shanghai night net

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B6 answers a grandma to eat how many

Vitamin B6 answers a grandma is 20Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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0 milligram, a day 3, can answer a grandma. Not crowded, or be equivalent to ablactationing. Can buy water of crude malt fry in shallow oil to drink, drink 3 days repeatedly, semidiurnal. Also can beat back to the hospital grandma needle, if personal Xi is female phenolic, the meeting is a little disgusting nevertheless, because this medicine has reaction of some of gastric bowel path. Dietary respect is some more delicate, cross a week to had been met.

 6 times the grandma eats the vitamin how many

Directive opinion:

Vitamin B6 is the effect that has a grandma, but the effect because of the person different, every time dosage wants a large number of, had better be to follow female phenol of Western medicine ethylene to be taken together. Usage is ethylene female phenol is taken 3 times everyday, take every timeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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With 5mg, b6 is taken 3 times everyday, take 6 every time, use consecutively 3 days. Take ethylene female phenol to may appear sick condition, it is the side-effect after taking drug. If take hind still can bilge grandma, the feeling bilges apparently painful when, should suck with breast pump, use unripe malt 60 grams, unripe hawkthorn at the same time simmer in water of 3 grams water becomes 30 grams honeysuckle tea drink, 3-4 day can answer a grandma.

 6 times the grandma eats the vitamin how many

2, vitamin B6 answers grandma side-effect

Will correctly tell, any medicaments are to have certain side effect, but should see it produce real result. Take a vitamin 6 times to suckle, what have effect truly is benzoic acid female 2 alcohol, inject every time by the manual 2 milligram, compensatory dimension B6 is to cooperate this medicine1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Effect of better play drug. Basically metabolize in liver, decompose for female 2 alcohol, part and globulin of sex hormone union (SHBG) is united in wedlock, the free part that did not combine gets body couple to target organization and estrogen, pass synthesis of transcribe, albumen, produce estrogen effect. In liver or kidney, estrogen and dextroseLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Aldehyde radical or vitriolic base be united in wedlock, make water-solubility salt very fast from kidney eduction. It is the estrogen with natural the strongest active kind. Action and female 2 alcohol are identical. Basically be in charge of female reproduction system and secondary sex characteristicLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Development and maintain. The growth of stimulative vagina, uterus, oviduct and breast leather horn changes; large dose to be able to restrain hormone of hypophysis hurried sexual gland on hyperplasia of the film inside development; stimulative uterus and vagina secrete and reduce spermary to produce male hormone.

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