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In the summer when a lot of people like there is a boiling water on table, because the word of soup can be promoted,absorb, and also can let a person appetitive eats go down rice. Because balsam pear is a of clear internal heat of summertime solution heat necessary vegetable, so a lot of families like to take balsam pear to do boiling water of balsam pear cutlet. The nutrient element of its Shang Fuhan balsam pear in soup of balsam pear cutlet also can be achieved so fall the effect with igneous hot Qing Dynasty, so what is the practice of soup of balsam pear cutlet?

The practice of soup of balsam pear cutlet

The material of soup of balsam pear lean lean

Advocate makings: Balsam pear 250 grams, pig lean lean 100 grams.

Condiment: Salt.

The practice of soup of balsam pear lean lean

1, balsam pear is abluent, go flesh, lean lean of pig of; of shape of stripping and slicing is abluent, section.

2, right amount water is added in boiler, put balsam pear and porkShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Piece, use conflagration boil first, reoccupy small fire is boiled to ripe sodden, add right amount salt to flavor finally namely.

The practice of soup of balsam pear cutlet

Balsam pear is thinSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
The advantage of broth:

1, stimulative food, diminish inflammation is antifebrile: The balsam pear glucoside in balsam pear and acrid element can be stomachic, be good at the alkaloid that place of lienal appetizing; contains kind corporeal quinine, have effect of purpose of antiphlogistic and diuresis invigorate the circulation of blood, antifebrile, Qing Xinming.

2, prevent cancer to fight cancer: Component of balsam pear protein and many vitamin C can improve the immune function of airframe, immunize cell has the juice of action; balsam pear that exterminates cancer cell to contain part of some kind of albumen, can strengthen giganticShanghai noble baby

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Bite ability, clinical go up the trypsin depressor that effective to lymphatic caruncle and leukaemia; gives from the abstraction in balsam pear seed, the albumen that can restrain cancer cell place to be secreted is enzymatic, prevent malignant tumor to grow.

The practice of soup of balsam pear cutlet

3, reduce blood sugar: The fresh juice of balsam pear, contain the material of balsam pear glucoside and similar insulin, have fall goodly blood sugar action, it is the good food of the diabetic.

Balsam pear is having very high nutrition value, of tender melon of every 100 grams can feed a part to contain thick protein 3 grams of 0.7 ~ , adipose 0.2 grams, candy 3 grams of 1.8 ~ , crude fibre 2.5 grams of 1.7 ~ , calcic 20 milligram of 18 ~ , phosphor 80 milligram of 20 ~ , iron 0.6 milligram, carotene 0.08Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Milligram, vitamin BFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
0.7 milligram, the vitamin C content of balsam pear is as high as 56 ~ 160 milligram, for melon kind first vegetableForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

4, balsam pear whole body is treasure, alive bound each district has its root, bine, leaf, flower, fruit and seed officinal account, of China ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” weigh: ? Rostellum is rare fly pull up of Qin  ⑽ uses up ⒊  to take Xiao of ⑶ of Α of ⒔ Yu head to took domestic and international scholar of? of Dian of show off of  of Mo of Qia handsome ⒁ to also report balsam pear is had fall blood sugar, fight poison of bacterium, diminish inflammation, disease-resistant, raise airframe immunity force and abort, and be in to balsam pear especially the action that defends tumor field place to rise pays close attention to more.

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