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, be in Germany a lot of people are to like to eat garlic, and every time everybody is in of garlic make can have different breed and kind, the person that likes to eat garlic so can go Germany travel has a look at the dietary culture over there, the course considers to discover, because blood is medium,people is above very much disease adipose and exorbitant, just can appear so, this time takes a bit garlic appropriately, can riseA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Purify haemal action.

Eat the garlic that thoroughly cook to have what profit

Acetic bubble garlic falls fat step-down

Researcher points out, a lot of diseases of the mankind are caused. A lot of daily food, wait like egg, banger, cheese, bacon, the adipose twice that after eating, can make blood medium rises. But if eat garlic at the same time, adipose ascendant trend can get keep within limits.

Besides conduce to outside reducing hematic fat, garlic still is had prevent and reduce arterial and adipose spot piece the action that gather, prevent heart disease thereby.

Smoking drinks to also can make blood becomes ropy, if can eat some of garlic at the same time, can balance attenuant blood. Garlic these potential effect, to prevent and improve congee condition heart disease of arteriosclerosis, prevention and cure, open up a brand-new way. In the meantime, garlic also has certain effect to reducing high blood pressure. Hypertensive patient everyday in the morningA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Eat the garlic of bubble of vinegar of a few valve, drink juice of two spoon vinegar, eat half moon to be able to reduce blood pressure repeatedly.

Eat the garlic that thoroughly cook to have what profit

The expert expresses, eat garlic everyday, can antiseptic detoxify, prolong life. Often have the person of garlic, the odds that has cancer of the stomach than seldom eater wants major general close in part. And, the odds that eats the person of garlic to contract rectum cancer more is very low also.

Ripe eat be inferior to eating raw

The expert thinks, garlic can have so outstanding effect, because it contains garlic ammonia acid and garlic,be enzymatic. Garlic ammonia acid and garlic are enzymatic in the cell that stays in fresh garlic silently severally, once garlic pulverize, they can be contacted each other, form a kind to do not have colored oily liquid thereby- – garlic element. Garlic element has very powerful antiseptic effect, after it enters human body as can sour as Guang ammonia of the bacterium reaction generates crystallization shape precipitation, make bacterial metabolization appears disorder, cannot breed thereby and grow.

But the meeting when garlic element encounters heat loses action very quickly, so garlic is born aptly feed. Garlic is afraid of heat not only, also be afraid of salty, it is encountered salty also can lose action.

Accordingly, edible garlic is best dolly becomes mud, is not to use a knife to cut garlic powder. And want put 10-15 first minute, after making garlic ammonia acid and garlic enzymatic combine generation garlic element in air again edible.

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Wait into spring roll, sandwich, wonton, OK still bread of flesh of braise in soy sauce of make it garlic, garlic.

Germany still has conserve of garlic ice-cream, garlic and garlic arrack to wait, not only healthy, and taste is good.

The garlic oil that refines with garlic element is healthy value is very high also, can wipe eat on biscuit or regard cook as oily edible.

Eat the garlic that thoroughly cook to have what profit

Not be to eat morer to had been jumped over

Experts still point out, eating garlic is not to eat morer to had been jumped over. Because garlic eats much the absorption that can affect vitamin B, many edible garlic returns cross-eye eyeball to have stimulative effect, cause conjunctivitis of eye blepharitis, eye easily. Additional, garlic is unfavorable and hollow edible. Gastric ulcer patient and suffer from have a headache, when the disease such as cough, toothache, unfavorable edible garlic. Everyday 1 or lie between a day 1 times can, have 2-3 segment or section every time.

Many people do not eat garlic, because fear,be the odour in the mouth will be heavier after eating, affect the communication with other. Actually, a cup of coffee, milk or green tea are drunk after eating garlic, can rise to remove the effect of the tone. Still can chew leaf of a few green tea, the effect is better. Prepare some of chewing gum at ordinary times, also can having the use on the clique after garlic.

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