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Article introduction

Ferment is what thing after all, why now such popularity, actually ferment goes namely enzymatic, a lot of businessmen are making the trade mark of fruit ferment namely, come large quantities of saleFall in love with the sea

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Oneself commodity. If strictly speaking, what fruit ferment can not allege like the businessman is magical in that way, but more or less to still meet have a few profit to the body. So the issue came, if why abstain fruit ferment in the home, what is specific means?

How to abstain fruit ferment to do?

Ferment, english name Enzyme, it is enzymatic common says. Ferment is enzymatic the another namer that is in Japan and Taiwan area, point to have biology catalysis meritorious serviceForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Can high polymer material.

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the participation that cellular activity process needs ferment, in order to improve efficiency. With its he is not biology activator likeness, ferment passes through the activation energy that reduces chemical reaction (express with Ea or Δ G) will accelerate response rate. Most ferment is OK its the rate of catalytic reaction rises about a hundred 10 thousand times; in fact, ferment is to offer the way with inferior demand of another activation energy, make more reacts particle can have the kinetic energy of not less than activation energy, accelerate response rate thereby. Ferment serves as activator, itself is not used up in reaction process, also do not affect the chemical balance of reaction. Ferment has catalysis, also have negative catalysis, just do not accelerate response rate, also have rate of bring down response.

Ferment cannot complement through profess to convinced. Because it is in enteron,can be decomposed to be young member.

How to abstain fruit ferment to do?

Floral ferment is general cannot the physiology activity of catalytic human body.

Human body does not need compensatory ferment. Control the enzymatic generation, whole mechanism that decompose because of having for human body oneself, dominate all life activities with this kind of means. Compensatory ferment is equal to factitious ground to disturb life activity, unlikelihood advantage.

The ferment that make

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Complement tastes the ferment that sees on market to be able to be divided into probably ” odd1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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One ferment ” and ” compound ferment ” two kinds big, of onefold ferment is to use a kind of part only, direct extraction, make and become, wait like ferment of pineapple, Chinese flowering quince. Compound ferment basically is the composition with two kinds of above mixes make, divide into main body again normallyFall in love with the sea

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With second body.

How to abstain fruit ferment to do?

Normally fruit ferment (edible) element practice is as follows:

① honey, fruit and water according to 1: 3: The scale of 10 gets ready. (The bulk that follows container has nothing to do, for example, 1 jin honey, the fruit that puts 3 jins and 10 jins water) the fruit cuts small.

② 3 person put recipient, fruit need not flay, abluent can, 3 person total volume is unfavorable 80% what exceed container volume.

③ container sealed good, put in shady and cool place, must sealed good. Next, if see container has,bilge spirit appearance, open deflate, make gas current. Place least 6 months, time grows better more of course, least 6 months.

When ④ teem, take mesh to filter broken broken bits, the ferment that remain can be drunk.

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