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Taro circle is a lot of people prefer a kind of eating food, the practice also is more, for example can round soup of Ren Yu of Yi of make it gram, prepare right amount gram, the Yi with right amount preparation benevolence, prepare right amount taro circle additionally, can undertake making, in summer when eat appropriately someFall in love with the sea

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, not only action of antifebrile of heat having pass the time in a leisurely way, certain effect is produced in body of take good care of sb and sanitarian body respect, we will see thisShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The content of the respect.

 The practice encyclopedia of all sorts of taro circles

Round soup of gram Yi Ren Yu


Gram 3 cups of Yi benevolence 3 cups of rock candy are right amount circle of taro of 9 A mother-in-laws is right amount


1, gram + water of Yi benevolence bubble is put after 20 minutes 10 thousand add water with boiler

2, the dot picks the 10 thousand lower part that use boilerLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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“Legume / tendons of beef ” option time meets him jump out

3, saying Yi benevolence will be bibulous is so return a responsibility (gram is have really soft rot

4, so I am put to electromagnetism furnace to add water boil to boil again + glacial candy is good put again cool add ice cube

5, prepare circle of taro of 9 A mother-in-laws at the same time

6, after water boiled, drop taro circle, wait for float to rise to scoop up drop to work again! It is good to be put into provision immediatelyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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in putting water on the ice, those who maintain QQ is stretch

7, in adding gram boiling water finally, finished! ! !

Round pachyrhizus of sweet Q taro is round


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Too whitening is right amount taro 1 (pink of pachyrhizus of 65g of hot boiled water of 105g of 530g) pachyrhizus pink (join the 2nd times) 1/3 of 25g taro round dough measures pachyrhizus 1 (pink of pachyrhizus of 40g of hot boiled water of 120g of 330g) pachyrhizus pink (join the 2nd times) 35g groundNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Quantity of 1/3 of melon round dough

1, taro and pachyrhizus are abluent, husk, section, put electric bowl inside, outer pot 2 cups of water, evaporate is soft to squashy. Heat is taken the advantage of to be taken out after evaporate is ripe, press into mud with broach, taro can withhold some of grain, the mouthfeel that makes taro round can eat some of taro to break relatively beautiful.

2, practice of dough of taro circle, pachyrhizus circle: Mud of tuber crops of taro log feed + pachyrhizus pink + hot boiled water, the hand is kneaded hold dough. Taro mud, very hot hand so can first drawknife mixes divide evenly, reoccupy hand is kneaded hold dough. (Pachyrhizus circle is same makings of practice pachyrhizus log)

3, mother of the Ji that make: To let double lubricious round mouthfeel more Q is played, the key comes ~ this one pace is the biggest key. Boil one boiler to roll water, take 1/3 to knead circle of good tuber crops and pachyrhizus round dough, put in rolling water to boil a bit translucent shape, scoop Ji mother put cool.

 The practice encyclopedia of all sorts of taro circles

4, ” taro round practice ” : Taro round dough + Ji mother + pachyrhizus pink 25g. ” pachyrhizus round practice ” : Pachyrhizus round dough + Ji mother + pachyrhizus pink 35g. Knead divide evenly equably, put 20 minutes.

5, strip state is become in knead of workbench admiral dough, cut proper size again, can.

6, roll water, next double color are round, wait for double lubricious round float to rise to state OK ~ is scooped, the double lubricious circle that thoroughly cook mixes honey, can make taro round taste belt the dot is sweet degree, can prevent again touch each other sticky. Taro circle, pachyrhizus circle cannot be boiled too long, can become soft otherwise sodden not Q.

7, coloured glaze round practice: taro circle and pachyrhizus round dough, mix mix divide evenly, can. Rub a few good, rub with the hands is longer, the decorative pattern of double color disappears more easily, because mutual look closes,was together. Profusion of coloured glaze round colour ah ~ resembles bonnily playing bead same.

8, double lubricious round way is very simple, pachyrhizus circle does not add pigment, natural glistening, romantic purple taro is round, the mouthfeel playing a tooth of QQ!

9, when the weather is cold, can use juice of black candy ginger + pachyrhizus is taro circle, round, simple delicious, make the body warm breathe out breathe out.

10, everybody can try a few making more when make, find the proportion that oneself love. The scale that my individual likes is taro, pachyrhizus occupies 65%~70% , can have the sweet smell of taro, pachyrhizus, can better operation. Does scale want to you can be caught how? The simplest way is with taro, pachyrhizus the weight after evaporate is ripe is calculated, for instance: The taro with ripe evaporate is 100g, that pachyrhizus pink uses 30~35g. Add pachyrhizus pink relatively Q, with too whitening is softer.

 The practice encyclopedia of all sorts of taro circles

11, proportion of taro, pachyrhizus is higher, the operation rises to be jumped over not conveniently. Ripe water content of evaporate of taro, pachyrhizus is overmuch, create powdery group wet sticky or it is pink those who add is little, when rub is kneaded come loose easily broken.

12, round, pachyrhizus circle boils taro to eat the most delicious; not to pass now now, also can do some of cent to had been installed more, buy is saved into freezer freezer, when wanting to eat, immediately is boiled very convenient. If make deal more than, but uncooked taro circle and pachyrhizus circle, before putting freezer to save, asperse on a few too whitening prevents to touch sticky, convenient also save. Cold storage can save 1 ~ 2 weeks, eat as early as possible. When wanting to eat need not defrost, put into rolling water to thoroughly cook directly can.

13, oneself make taro circle, pachyrhizus circle, sweet Q has chew interest, do not have antiseptic absolutely. Soup of again tie-in ormosia, extremely delicate!

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