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Article introduction

What every teem with to winter yam is seasonal, every every metropolis is changing method eats yam, yam abluent wrap a paper to be put in microwave oven, turn a little while to compare outside the baking yam that sell still resembles, and more healthy. Yam is a kind of food with a kind of prandial richer fiber, it is OK still boil congee to drink together with rice. The article introduced yam to boil a few kinds of practices of congee, want those who will learn to look.

Yam boils the practice encyclopedia of congee

Yam contains A of prandial fiber, carotene, vitamin, B, C, EForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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And more than kinds of 10 microelement such as potassium, iron, copper, Selenium, calcium, prandial fiber, cannot be digested to absorb inside alvine path, can exciting bowel, enhance peristalsis, aperient platoon is poisonous.

YamForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Belong to basic provision, and general food is acidity, and the PH value of human body is 7.34, eat yam to be helpful for the soda acid balance of human body so.

Sweet potato: Yam smell is sweet, nutrition is rich, digest easily again, can supply a large number of heat energy, some areas regard staple food as it. Yam contains individual living beings kind yellow ketone composition, this kind of material prevents cancer to lengthen life again already, it can restrain the happening of breast cancer and colonic cancer effectively. And yam has special protective effect to mucous membrane of human body organ, what can restrain cholesterol is deposit, preserve hemal flexibility, the connective tissue in preventing liver kidney is atrophic, prevent the happening of collagen disease. At the same time it still is a kind of good food reducing weight. Its quantity of heat is lower than rice, and because its contain a lot ofprandial fiber, and have prevent candy to separate the special function with adipose translate into.

Yam boils the practice encyclopedia of congee

Yam congee

Practice one

The first pace prepares to feed capable person. Two yam, right amount corn Cha.

Yam has actually hold out diversiform, the proposal uses the sort of skin is yellow color the sort of. Such yam is sweeter, congee is boiled come out to have sweet taste.

2 the 2nd pace cuts yam small, piece the proposal cuts bit, such facilitating boil. The time that cooks as a result of congee is longer, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Build soLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Discuss water to be put more.

3 the 3rd pace is controlled half hours probably, put corn Cha boil together with yam in water. During the congee that boil the proposal rolls more, otherwise boiler bottom is papered easily, congee was papered do not have a law to drink.

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4 the 4th pace, the white since the surface of congee, this moment congee basically goodShanghai night net

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. And yam has been boiled rotted.

5 congee had been filled came out, will get on a bowl, drinking this congee is very pleased with oneself really.

Yam boils the practice encyclopedia of congee


Put into boiler to pass when corn Cha, otherwise rolls discontinuously, probably 3 minutes two break up, otherwise boiler bottom is very easy paste.

Practice 2

Advocate makings: Yam,

Complementary makings: Rice, water,

The 1st pace, rice pan clean.

The 2nd pace, hearts and white heart pachyrhizus cut hob is small.

The 3rd pace, in putting rice and yam bean the bravery inside boiler of electric high pressure entirely, add water about 1200-1500 milliliter.

13-15 of pressurization of the 4th pace, setting minute. Ropy sweet pachyrhizus congee gets after solution is pressed.

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